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To coincide with BBC Two programme, Hilary Devey's Women at the Top, shown on 6 and 13 September, two conferences, sponsored by the Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology and Coventry University, were organised by Professor Rosalind Searle and the Division's vice-chair, Hazel Stevenson.

Both events looked at the progress being made by boards of FTSE 100 companies in achieving their aim of 25% female representation by 2015.

The first conference took place on Thursday 6 September 2012 at Coventry University’s London Campus and featured talks from a wide range of international academics and practitioners to provide insight into attracting and developing talent, and how diversity at the top of organisations can have a wider positive impact.

Videos, podcasts and presentations from the day can be found below and pictures from the conference can be viewed on the Society's Facebook page.

The second aligned event took place on Friday 7 September 2012 at Coventry University’s TechnoCentre.


Prof. Alice Eagly, Northwestern University, USA
Navigating the labyrinth - women at the top
Interview with Sue Harrington

Alice Eagly - Women at the Top - Presentation

Prof. Susan Vinnicombe, Cranfield University, UK
UK insight on Women on boards
Interview with Doyin Atewologun

Susan Vinnicombe - Women at the Top - Presentation

Prof. Deanne Den Hartog Amsterdam Business school
Narcissism and leadership: Gender Differences
Interview with Maddy Wyatt

Deanne Den Hartog - Women at the Top - Presentation

Thinking through change... Selecting women for the top
Dr. Terry Fitzsimmons, Queensland University, Australia
The role of recruiters and head hunters
Interview with Tinu Cornish

Terrance Fitzsimmons - Women at the Top - Presentation

Prof. Morten Huse, Norwegian Business School
"Golden skirts and Gold Sack": Changes in board composition as a result of the gender quota law
Interview with Sue Harrington
Morten Huse - Women at the Top - Presentation

Hazel Stevenson, Non-Executive Director Saville Consulting & Vice Chair DOP
Identifying and selecting top talent: maximising impact of diversity
Interview with Doyin Atewologun

Hazel Stevenson - Women at the Top - Presentation

Prof. Binna Kandola, Pearn Kandola
Developing talent for the top
Interview with Tinu Cornish

Binna Kandola - Women at the Top - Presentation

Gender differences in pay for performance - international insights for the top
Prof. Katja Rost, CREMA, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Interview with Maddy Wyatt

Katja Rost - Women at the Top - Presentation


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